to over do

The process of putting the tongue and groove ceiling into the new cabin is basically, me carrying the one hundred and twenty, twelve foot boards up to the cabin, handing them up to E. E then climbing up and down the ladder hundreds and hundreds of times as he moves it back and forth along the length of the cabin hammering the boards into the rafters.

We have moved past bunkie into cabin category. Other than the fact there is no cooking facility it’s a fairly cabinesque looking building. And no if you are going to ask, the metal roofing has not made it to the island yet. Again it was delayed.. June 13th we first ordered it.. sigh.. I think the problem with the suppliers in this world is that tiny wee orders like ours are not important compared to huge orders for townhouse complexes and such. That was certainly our experience last winter with our small window purchase. Oh well, we aren’t ready for the metal yet anyways.. We still have to lay the insulation and vapor barrier on the tongue and groove, Besides, what’s another barge or two…

We have now added an order for rough cedar siding to finish the outside of the cabin and it will come with the metal to fill up the barge.. some day……

Our friends/workers have all gone now for the summer and we now have family arriving. Tomorrow one of our sons and two of his friends arrive. Hopefully this will be the last year they have to sleep in tents. We always enjoy their visits and are pleased they like to return year after year. The fact that they are healthy and strong and I need a futon moved from a friends bunkie to our new guest cabin is, I can assure you, merely a coincidence.

We do not need a treadmill here. We do not need to measure our 10,000 steps here. We do not need a gym here. Our daily exercise requirements are met very nicely, thank you very much… Now if you will excuse us, We have been tongue and grooving since 8 am. E is going to have a nap and I am going to have a glass of wine… We would hate

to over do

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