You are welcome

In addition to our shared desire to be left alone, many in this community also share what I embrace as a propensity for frugality. As tradition dictates we are all eager to hear of a good deal, financially.

It was mentioned to me recently that my writing style is like that of Erma Bombeck. For those of you who don’t remember, Erma Bombeck wrote a revolutionary household bible in the sixties, near and dear to my heart, called The I Hate to Cook book. I consider this high praise indeed as I still make her Cockeyed Chocolate cake and could probably tell you the recipe by heart.

So as an tribute to Erma and Heloise of Handy Hints fame allow me to pass on a couple of frugal tips beneficial to those of you both living off or on the grid.

First tip..

Although you have to be a member to buy a Costco gift or cash card anyone including non members can use it. So grab a friend or two and share one membership….

Next, and this is the big one….

To join the CoOp gas station is a fee of $10.00. In return for your membership fee you receive a dividend cheque equivalent to I think 4%, of your annual purchases. Like me, I am sure that for you the chance to save that money on gas would be a good enough thing and thank me for the tip…But wait, there is more. Yesterday I found out that if you buy a 300.00 gas card at the CoOp in advance they bump it to 312.00 right off the top and your purchase still counts towards your 4% dividend cheque. Still not sold? There is more..

They have now opened a CoOp liquor store in Nanaimo and our alcohol purchases count towards our dividend cheque.

So I am actually now going to make money when I drink. Cause if there is only one thing that we spend more money on in a year than gas it would be alcohol

You are welcome

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