actually finished here

E finished the porch/deck on the cabin and the cedar siding on our house. I guess we can start to put the windows in the cabin while we wait on the roofing. Or maybe some steps into the cabin. Right now we launch ourselves up a precarious board on a rotting stump. What could go wrong?

I grew patty pan or scallopini squash this summer. It’s as good or worse than zucchini depending on your perspective. It is incredibly prolific.. Even that old woman who lived in a shoe couldn’t use all of the Patty Pans that greet me every day.. sigh.. Fortunately kind neighbours like vegetables more than my husband and are willing to take them off my hands.

The tomato flowers are everywhere and there is every indication I am going to have a great harvest. The first tomato is just about ready to pick and of the many different varieties I planted congratulations must go to the Black Sea Men. It’s a beefsteak variety…

There are lots of pumpkins too. This week is the time to scratch your grandchild’s name into the soft skin so the pumpkin grows around the scar.

Today, was baking day. I love baking and I have no reason to bake anymore unless company is coming. I have a lot of company coming… Biscotti for dipping in red wine, Angel Food Cake for berries and whipped cream and Nanaimo Bars just because ……are in the freezer waiting for my guests..

We are in for a hot spell. The rains are finished at least for the next two weeks but our water is in good shape. The surprise recent rains have saved the day.

I said the porch was finished but of course it still needs rails and I said the siding was finished but the trim on it isn’t. We do a lot of work but sometimes we do take a break or two. Let’s be honest. Nothing and I mean nothing is ever

actually finished here

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