with the seniors

In grade twelve I didn’t attend many classes. I was busy hanging out in a tiny room set aside for the “seniors” down the hall from the office, across from the auditorium, playing Bridge. Once introduced to the game, it can be addictive. That being said, I am a terrible bridge player. But if I can find a forgiving partner, I do love to try.

Two of my favorite women on the island were here this week. They were friends of my father in law. The first neighbours we met here in ’82. One, is a Bridge expert. a genius with cards. She is in her early 80’s and has very kindly accepted the role of tutor to my limited capacities for playing no trump or what the hell to open with when I have eleven points but six or more cards in one suit…

Her sister, in her late eighties, is not as good a player as the card genius but she still maintains her annual ski pass at Whistler cause she is and I quote here “a speed freak” so, it must be said, both women are worth my mad respect. I repeat again, as I often do… The women I have met here on this island are amazing..

So my winter Bridge partner (who is over the charts better at Bridge than me) and I met the sisters for a game of bridge on a beautiful sunny Monday morning in July when most normal people were outside playing or working in the sun and blue skies. Whatever we four had to do, could wait… There was a Bridge game going on!!!

E was back at the house puttering on the guest house, Not so much moving further ahead as fine tuning what has been done. In a holding pattern til more supplies arrived and this afternoon, they did.

Today, we got the boards we need to begin the porch for the guest cabin and the fascia to finish the siding on our house.. On Thursday, we can dig in and make some visible progress while we wait for the roofing to arrive. We feel we have been stalled for a while.

Card expert sister encouraged me to play Bridge at least twice a week to get decent at the game and not forget what I have learned. Awesome, I am in. I’m sure E will understand. I will explain that just like forty years ago, I might need to ignore my work for a bit while I play Bridge

with the seniors

One thought on “with the seniors

  1. May I say, you are doing a wonderful 2fold thing by spending time with the ladies of 80πŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ‘
    1. You are learning something you will enjoy when you reach 80πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    2. You are spending time with the dear ones who are in their 80s!
    That’s a beautiful thing πŸ₯°πŸ’ž


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