sleep sitting up

Our Dutch guests/workers left yesterday. Everyone worked hard all week. Me, less so, but still I did my share making sure everyone else had what they needed to give it their all.. and they did.

After our guests/workers left, we dragged ourselves to the wine store to bottle 120 bottles of wine.. some for our son’s wedding and some for my medicine chest. The wine store guy booked us in for four hours to complete the job. E, my sister in law and I got it done in one. We impressed the guy with our efficiency making the wine……. He should see how fast we can drink it…

We had every expectation that the materials we needed to finish the house would be delivered on the barge today. We were naive. Tongue and groove for the ceiling and the metal roofing were late from the suppliers and missed the barge. So we will need yet another barge next week. We filled the extra space with lattice sheets for the under side of the cabin. Don’t want otter thinking all that nice dry space has been provided for their defecating comfort.

We were going to paint and install the tongue and groove this week with our next guests/workers… I’m going to have to think of something else to entertain them. Again, hate to disappoint enthusiastic participants. I’m thinking they would love to help us wrap the cabin in Tyvek.

With the low daytime tides, the barge had to come this morning at 7:30. E and I loaded up our two trucks twice, with lumber, lattice, posts, and a shower stall. By 10:30 it was all stacked at our building site waiting for the rain to stop and work to begin again. We were not unhappy that it is raining today.

I put a second pot of coffee on and then promptly fell asleep sitting up

on the couch.

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