be framed in

Good morning! Rise and shine. It is 6 AM, I’ve had my shower and coffee is in hand. E and our guests (workers) are still asleep. I’m afraid I broke them. They all worked so hard. So much was accomplished yesterday.

We are going through 2×4’s like red wine… We have already gone through 200 with more coming on Saturday’s barge, but Tuesday night we ran out, again. We have willing guests here who couldn’t help as much as they wanted without more materials. I hate to disappoint..

Fortunately Arbutus Lumber on the neighbouring island answered the phone at 730 AM and by ten had delivered more 2X4’s to our boat at the local dock. E and one of the guests finished the bathroom wall, put up the final OSB, picked up the lumber and were back in time for coffee and cookies at 11. (I am in charge of coffee and cookies). By five o’clock all walls were done, the pony wall along the centre of the cabin was up and the 28 foot 4×10 beam built and raised.. wow.. whew,,

Our other guest loves to wash windows. I know! She says it’s a Dutch thing. I recommend, especially if you live in a glass house, getting yourself some Dutch friends. She washed all of my windows, inside and out. Did you know if you wash windows, they shine? Who knew? Gorgeous.. she just uses vinegar, water and a drop of blue dawn.

It goes without saying that after a lovely dinner, bottle of wine and a glass of port, everyone was sound asleep by nine pm. I’m worried maybe it was too much and I broke them. I do hope they wake up. The bathroom ceiling has to

be framed in

One thought on “be framed in

  1. Wow, it’s really coming along! Hope your quests wake up soon, so you can get more accomplished. They might need a hearty breakfast though.


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