to bury itself

That moment when you have been laying in bed for hours listening to the silence of the world outside the window when in an instant the birds wake up and begin to sing. You look at the clock and it is 4:39 AM.

Why am I unable to sleep like the dog? He is deep in dream filled bliss the moment he snuggles down between us. I never notice him tossing and turning, unable to settle during the night, thinking about sinks and toilets.

It isn’t that I have any worries. I don’t. I just have a million things I want to accomplish and my ideas get carried away from practicality. It is not practical to pull all of my material stash out to plan quilts when I will have no time to sew until well into October. It is not realistic and I need to cease and get back to figuring out my sink dilemma.

We are making great progress on the guest cabin considering we are, as is always the case, hampered by the realities of getting the materials to the work site. The culprit at the moment is the tide. This time of year the tides are often too low for the barge to come through the cut. There is a huge demand on barge guys time as it seems like everyone is building something right now and his availability to get through the cut with our supplies is limited.

We try to work around barge guys schedule. We were able to borrow lumber from a kind neighbour who doesn’t need his 2X10’s til mid July. E needs his this week for the beam but our barge doesn’t come til Saturday. Great neighbour eh? People on this island are awesome!

We were in town this week and ordered a shower. It is also coming on the barge. It needs to be installed before the bathroom wall goes up. We already have an extra toilet. (long story) but are thinking the sink we have tucked away is too big..

Hmmm, I’ll think of something but maybe not in the middle of the night.. I am trying to learn from the dog. He sleeps well and it isn’t like he doesn’t have things to worry about. There is an endless supply of socks which need stealing and that bone isn’t going

to bury itself

One thought on “to bury itself

  1. That’s an amazing picture of the flag and sea. We used our barge to help one friend bring a woodstove up the lake to his land cabin and carry a fiberglass shower stall to another’s float cabin. Usually our quads are on the barge, but not this year. They are in town on a trailer in the airport hangar waiting for a trip later in the summer.

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