in their retirement

A nurse and a professional forester came for the weekend. I have known the nurse since ’73 and the forester since ’76? Our time together used to involve a lot of laughing, and the usual 70’s diet of beer and pizza.

Now, when we get together, sure the laughing continues but there is much less drinking, and a greater focus on fruit and vegetables with our meals. During this particular weekend we tackled some prep work needed in case we decide to proceed with the bunkie.

Nothing more fun for an accountant, travel agent, nurse and forester than to spend a weekend of their retirement years, painting and hammering shit together.

While nurse and I cleaned and painted old doors and windows. E and forester played dueling nail guns at the cabin site. We made sure there was still plenty of time to sit on the deck playing games and watching sunsets. We don’t work our guests too hard, as we do in fact, want them to come back.

Its seems a good time was had by all. We so appreciate the contributions of our visitors to projects real or imagined.

I wondered during all the laughter, if conversely, a professional carpenter’s idea of fun would be to tally numbers, organize itineraries, experiment with tree soils or stick needles into perfect strangers,

in their retirement

One thought on “in their retirement

  1. Hey there,

    Love the blog …. (although I pretty much always love the blog) – but I feel like a real live person! It always strikes me that people in postings / facebook are having much more fun fulfilling lives than me because they look so gosh darn happy! and organized! and intelligent! and popular! And there I am – in your blog – which means that I’m somebody! I love being somebody!!

    Anywho, it’s been a day. Going for more gin……

    love ya, me



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