dinner vegetable tonight

Up to the garden early this morning to get the veggies watered before the sun got there. For the last two weeks, even waiting until 10 am to get to the garden was too late to water. It’s a slow process, as I am filling my watering can, two gallons at a time, out of the five hundred gallon garden water tanks. A pleasant time spent when its shady, miserable when in the hot sun.

Growing up, my nothing if not fair Mother gave my siblings and I the choice of one vegetable which we never had to eat. No arguments, no dinner table fights. It was a get out of eating one chosen vegetable card, for life.

My sister, I believe more clever than I, chose wisely. She picked peas. We had peas, canned mushy peas several times a week. Her choice, was a choice worth admiration. I was not so clever. I picked brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts were only served if a turkey was in the room, not sure why, but Thanksgiving and Christmas brought the stinky balls to our table. I can’t remember what my brothers choice was.. Wouldn’t have mattered. As I remember it, if he didn’t want to eat something he just said no to my Mom and that was kind of it. The lone guy living in a house full of women, he got to say yes to very little.. He took the win on veggies…

Where was I?

We had a good morning in the garden and at the work site. We had built and insulated the floor of the cabin over the weekend. Then, yesterday the plywood, or as I like to call it, our new wood flooring, was laid.

It seemed like a good time to design the cabin walls, so yesterday afternoon we dug out the windows and doors from the original house. E then designed the walls around the best nine windows and two doors.

After looking up on youtube how to build a wall, he started to build the north wall this morning. Couldn’t finish as we had to come in early this afternoon as rain was predicted. It’s 5:20 and the rain hasn’t started yet. What a waste of an afternoon. If it’s going to rain, rain.

Although I screwed up on my veggie exception choice with my Mom, and spent a childhood tormented by seemingly daily servings of canned mushy peas it didn’t spoil my love for peas. Fresh picked peas from the garden are one of my favorites. Don’t cook or peel them.. Often, we them raw, like chips. Coincidentally, that was our

dinner vegetable tonight.

4 thoughts on “dinner vegetable tonight

  1. When I grew up I lived in the “one bite club.” There are few veggies I do not like and growing up in the city there were only so many options. Plus, both parents worked so we had lots of meals cooked on weekends and warmed up during the week. The cabin is looking good. I sure wish our float cabin was built with insulation in the floor. In winter it gets quite cold and cool the interior off very quickly. – Margy


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