my pretty pantry

8 PM .. That is what time we got home last night from the longest town day ever.. The poor puppy waited patiently with his legs crossed until I accepted the fact that we were going to be really late and asked a neighbour to let him out.. He’s such a good boy.. no accidents… but I bet he was happy to see her walk through the door…

So the thing about living on this island is we buy a ton of stuff twice a year… In the fall we fill the pantry and freezer with big shops at Costco, the dollar store and the liquor store. In the spring we do the same. I am late. In my defense, I was still working on emptying the freezer and well.. I hate shopping. I waited as long as I possibly could. Until, finally this week we had two choices for dinner. One option was a chicken breast with no rice or vegetables the other option was a sliced chicken breast alone on a plate. E, bless his heart has been supportive of my diet but it was time to see a burger or lamb chop on our plates. Time to restock the cupboards and kitchen pantry.

It will probably come as a huge surprise to you all but we have finally decided to build a guest cabin this summer for our growing family and few remaining friends.

It just seemed like an enormous undertaking when we haven’t finished the house reno yet but time marches on and we want our guests to be comfortable. It will be a cozy (read small) two bedroom cabin with probably a futon in the living room so accommodation for at least six adults. Assorted grand kids can sleep on the floor, I guess, if we ever get to the point where we have an assortment of grand kids.

For now, we have one, who coincidentally arrives tomorrow for a week with Papa and Nan… As you know, all visitors have to pitch in for any ongoing projects so I have assigned her (she is 22 months old) to be in charge of swinging on a nearby tree watching Papa hammer. She is excellently qualified for the position.

E is quite excited about building the cabin on his own and to that end we bought him a toy yesterday. A cordless framing nailer …. He can hardly wait to hammer shit together…

It wasn’t just tools and toilet paper though, I came home with a treat too.. We went to a quilt show in the afternoon and I bought a ton of gorgeous material for potential winter projects. We can call it supplies for

my pretty pantry

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