the subtle difference

We took a lot of the metal from the original house to the dump and burned a lot of the unusable wood in the enormous Thanksgiving burn pile of 2017. Our entire kitchen was removed and is now sitting in our neighbour’s house. We saved a ton of really good stuff from the original house for ourselves, with the idea in mind that one day we wanted to build a bunkie. E, Craig and I were constantly saying “this can be used in the bunkie as we saved items from the house. The studio is crammed to the brim with goodies like tile, pex, an inverter, an on demand hot water tank, a bathroom sink, assorted doors and windows, bolts and decking.

My job today was to hammer out the nails from all the plywood we saved from the original house. Stacked out of the way behind the studio, I had almost forgotten about it all. There is a ton of it, not really great stuff but it will have its uses.

Everything will be used. If it doesn’t get used in a bunkie, then we can use it to build the new greenhouse. If, after everything we are going to build is built, we still have construction materials laying around, we will pass them on to someone else on the island.

As we discuss how we would build a bunkie, we include a conversation about what we have on hand which will be useful.

In my mind I am basically designing the cabin around all the things we have on hand. E, on the hand is designing his idea of a perfect bunkie. I am trying to spend as little money as possible if we go ahead.

For example, I will say, we can put the 3×4 foot window from the original kitchen in the bunkie living room. E, on the other hand says.. I’d like a 3×4 foot window in the living room, do we have one from the original house? If not, I’ll add one to the purchase list.

Can you see

the subtle difference

4 thoughts on “the subtle difference

  1. Dont sweat it. As I understand it, you haven’t YET decided whether to proceed or not…..right? If you eventually decide to get on with it, at least you’ll know that it wasn’t an impulsive decision.


  2. DON’T throw that away maybe we’ll have use for it someday. You know that all the extra storage space we built is now just holding the stuff that we may use some day. Perhaps we can build storage with it. LOL


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