possibly go wrong

When we began the renovation to this house we had a plan. Tom made us a 3D model of how the house would look along with a detailed floor plan which hung prominently amid the construction zone. Craig and E constantly referred to the drawing for measurements and the model for vision. I think when all was said and done we had gone through four copies of the drawings as they became torn and dirtied amidst the mess.

Taking to heart all that we learned from Craig and Tom from the reno, E is quite excited about building the cabin on his own. First step, E and I made a drawing of the cabin which includes details of the bathroom and site description. You know, if we decide to go ahead with it.

The holes are dug, the forms are made and yesterday we went to town for the saddles. We hired our young, very strong new neighbour to bring over the 6 bags of 89 lb Portland cement yesterday. Fortunately, we have the navvy jack we will need, left over from the reno. It is worth it’s weight in gold. We could be ready by tomorrow to pour the twelve footings for the cabin.

The eagle’s favorite fishing tree is next to where the cabin could go. For the first time ever, the eagle turned with his back to the water to supervise E working. I am not sure he approves.

With the eagle helping and the detailed floor plans like we have, what could possibly go wrong?

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