am doing tomorrow

The plan today was to get up to the garden early before it was too hot to get anything accomplished. (28 degrees today) I wanted to fertilize the newly planted tomatoes and all of the other established shrubs.

There were so many flowers blooming in the garden I was distracted. Everything seems to be blooming at once. It looks amazing and smells even better.

I was up there at 8 with my bag of goodies (camera, garden journal, lunch etc). The bees were insane on the Coreopsis and there was a great selection of birds visiting the feeders. I absentmindedly watered the garden and deadheaded Erysimum in between long periods of sitting by the pond taking pictures. At one point E ended up in the pond attending to the bird’s bathing accommodations.

The humming birds like the Erysimum.

A bee keeper on the island wanted me to see if her new bees were visiting my garden yet. They are distinct in that they have wee black bums. They just arrived on the island on Saturday and I don’t think they have found my garden yet. Other islanders… if you see them in your garden, she would love to know. If you think taking pictures of whales who won’t stay still is difficult, try taking pictures of bees.

I have annuals which need to be planted down on the deck so after seven hours I had to leave the sights and scents of my paradise. I hated to leave so I brought a selection down to the living room with me.

What with the birds and the bees and the flowers and the pond…. I completely forgot to fertilize the tomatoes. I guess I know what I

am doing tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “am doing tomorrow

  1. I’ve decided not to garden much this year, and what little I had (mostly flowers) the woodrat decided to mow down last night. Now that’s an unwelcome home. I only got to enjoy them for a few hours before sunset. – Margy


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