Will break loose

I’m eagerly awaiting E to download the final episode of Game of Thrones, so I thought I would kill the time writing. Lucky you!

We walked to the annual May long weekend community pancake breakfast at the fire hall this morning. Beautiful day, about 22 degrees in the afternoon. Fifty five people showed up before nine for the free breakfast hosted by our Volunteer Fire Department.

It’s a great chance to reconnect with old friends after the winter break. Important tips for fire smarting your property were shared along with updates on island events. There were lots of new faces and tickets for the quilt went on sale. Everyone was happy. It was a great event and E and I were home by 11:30 am.

Our afternoon was spent hammering posts as an outline of where a bunkie could go on the land we just cleared. You know, if we should decide to go ahead and build a bunkie, it doesn’t hurt to plan it’s placement. There was lots of hmmming and ahhhing.. and a little bit of sitting in chairs staring into the open space.

The spot has some great shade over some lovely moss covered ground. Piper was happy enough to snooze while we contemplated our future. When E occasionally did sit down, which is his right, Piper was more than happy to join him and contribute his two cents worth.

Essentially, we took the day off today. Actually, I am considering taking the whole week off. Why not? We are allowed, but I suspect if I leave the chores on the list alone, unsupervised, and we do nothing all week, it’s likely they will breed and all hell

will break loose

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