Up early today

The eagles were awake at 5 am. When the eagles wake, the Canada geese get up and grow noisy warning their babies to be careful. It was already rush hour on the hummingbird highway to the feeder outside my bedroom window. I could hear the Kingfisher as he insisted on boasting to everyone that he was the first to catch a fish and the seagulls don’t get me started on the seagulls. Why they have to tell everyone their business I will never know…

I was going to have a busy day clearing the bunkie site but I still needed a couple of hours to drink coffee and look at the view before I could function so I took advantage of the racket outside my window and got up.

I am now, at 7:30 pm exhausted. I was up at the burn pile by 8 and at 4 when I came down to the house we had finished burning all the debris and had moved all of the rounds from the hill to the driveway.. They are half way to the wood shed, but that can happen tomorrow. We figure there are about 100 rounds. We kinda shared the load. E moved 50 of the biggest and I moved the rest..

We have a couple of wilderness cameras around the property. Partly for security and partly to get pictures like we did last night. We had left the arbutus branches til last so the deer could find them. Four of them spent the night enjoying the treats and became the starring actors in last nights wilderness movie.

This picture is basically the view which the bunkie (if and when it gets built) will have from its front porch.

I’m not complaining about the traffic outside of my window which wakes me up. I appreciate their help. There was a time, living in the city when I woke to cars honking and ambulances. I prefer the birds. But 5 am seems extreme.

The eagles were up, so everyone, including me was

up early today

2 thoughts on “Up early today

  1. Looks wonderful! Barb and I can vouch for your early start and hard work. Hope you rewarded yourself with a wee glass of wine.


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