Ashamed of himself

My wee squirrel has solved the puzzle of the squirrel proof bird feeder. I figure if he can make it work and get some sunflower seeds, good for him.. I don’t really mind, Every day he comes by and chirps at my window for his special treats, whole peanuts.. If I give him a peanut treat, it gets him off the bird feeder for a moment or two and, I don’t know, I like seeing the little guy outside my window..

Until today, I am so angry with him…

It has been crazy windy since yesterday and we haven’t hung the feeder on the tree or put the whole peanuts out. Everything would get blown away… It’s only been one day.. I thought he could deal with it. Aren’t there literally hundreds of peanuts hidden around my deck? Look in my flower pots. There are easily ten or twenty underneath the daffodils. He should know. He put them there.

It’s bad enough I have to worry about my birds hitting windows and the frigging puppy catching them on the deck. Today, I came home from quilting to see my pampered squirrel sitting on the tree at my window eating one of my gold finches!

I am so mad at him.. He looks like he knows I am angry doesn’t he? Kind of like the cat caught with the canary kind of thing. I am aware he is basically a rat with a cute tail. I am well aware he is a wild animal. But he knows better. I treat him well. He should be

ashamed of himself

2 thoughts on “Ashamed of himself

  1. I don’t usually think of squirrels eating birds, but I know they have pestered my bird’s nests in the past. What a sight to come home too. – Margy


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