are all awesome

I have mentioned the women of this island to you before.. They are an eclectic group.. Eleven of us gathered last night around the dining table of one of my favorite houses on the island. Ages ranged from 30 something to seventy something. We get together for a games night usually once a year.

The garden of the house is gated. When you enter you feel you have entered perhaps the garden of a gentle woman in Italy. The garden beds are immaculate. A mix of flower and vegetable beds sit behind deer fencing on a private point. Surrounded on three sides by water, the home is warm and cozy. Furnished with treasures from previous world travels, we are invited in to relax and enjoy an evening without talk of septic systems or children.

Everyone brought a sweet or savory dish for the table. I put in my usual inadequate effort and brought a package of chocolate covered cranberries. and wine.. I brought my bottle of wine, as we all did. Then the games began.

Two teams for Pictionary. It was a close race but my team was fortunate to have the newest member of our community and her youthful enthusiasm earned her my highest admiration… Her picture of Extinct was brilliant.

Game over, drinks refilled, plates of goodies consumed we looked to our next challenge. A new game. Quelf, which my son had given me to try… None of us knew how to play or what to do but as we understood it, it was supposed to be easy.. Just follow the instructions on the card you choose. We had four teams of two and one of three. This was an absolutely perfect game for these eleven women who have absolutely no difficulty laughing at themselves. It was a silly silly game and I do believe I laughed for two hours straight.

Let me just say, to be sixty-one and have an evening with such warmth, camaraderie and hysteria is one of the unexpected treasured gifts of this island. It wasn’t just the wine either.. honest.

Thanks for being such good sports.. You

are all awesome

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