kids had called

A bunch of the women folk are getting together tonight to eat, drink and play games and I had commented that it was ironic we would all be completely surrounded by none of our children on Mother’s Day. An hour ago, I had just finished a beautiful blog post about my kids and my mother for Mother’s Day when one of the women texted to say that it isn’t today.

Thinking again, that it was Mother’s Day today and that I may not get to have french toast or coffee in bed it didn’t mean that I had to work my tail off splitting wood like I have been all week, I had done nothing all day but write and watch the wind storm on the water. Now I find it isn’t Mother’s Day at all and I have effectively played hookey.

That doesn’t mean that now at 2 pm I am going to make amends and run up to the wood pile and get to work. Neither my mind nor my body function that way. I decide what I am going to accomplish every day, on the night before. I can’t expect my body to do a complete about face from enjoying a relaxing day to appreciating the benefits of a hard work day. It wouldn’t be happy and I am not going to force it. There are limits to my commitment.

E is working on the truck. As we all know, E hates working on trucks. Before any bunkie can be built we need to fix our beast so we can haul supplies. Some random piece that looks like a spinner broke off of the axle of our ’87 F150 in January and we bought the replacement piece at the auto wreckers last week. $250.00. On this island, if something is broken you either fix it or well, it stays broken. There isn’t an option C. So today, E is wearing his auto mechanic hat and I will stay far away. He is rarely humming when working on the truck.  ooh.. Update…. He has just come in smiling and happy and covered in grease. The truck is working. It started first time and he took it for a test drive. Bonus, it has gas in it. He is a happy boy.

The island quilt is back on the island and ready for ticket sales on the May long weekend. It is gorgeous. I can not believe that I have learned so much from the women of this island since moving here that I was able to contribute to this work of art.  I am inspired to start more quilts and see what I can do.

The women will have a lot of fun together tonight. In no small part celebrating the relief that the project turned out so well.

So not Mother’s Day, just a regular Sunday. No wonder none of my

kids had called

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