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I am sure many of you share my concern that E doesn’t have enough to do. What with the house nearing completion and the never ending minor jobs left to finish, there was an obvious concern for E’s well being.

Not for nothing, with no renovation going on, I am left with only the wildlife to write about in my blog… Sure the wildlife pictures are pretty but how many times can I tell you I have a pet seal..

After careful consideration, pondering and head scratching we have come up with a time filling solution for the 40 odd minutes each day when E could be found sitting idle.

We are throwing our to do list out the window and beginning a brand new one. Item One… build a guest cabin…

Hmmm, I expect E would like more sub sets listed. It really isn’t a one item job. To that end, I begin the list with prepping the site for the cabin.. Murdering trees, burning debris etc. etc. etc.

Building a cabin from scratch is a lot easier than renovating. (famous last words) I am hoping we will have lock up ready by Thanksgiving. Too optimistic? I don’t know. But I am definitely guaranteed to have more to talk about here while E pretends to know what he is doing building a cabin.

The official story is that we wanted more space for our growing family to stay when they visit. Actually it is to fulfill my need to have more to write about and keep E busy every waking hour

of the day

2 thoughts on “of the day

  1. Poor E. I have been meaning to have a chat with him…..he could use a bit of advice…….Dear E…..can you say, ‘NO! You do it!’
    No need to get stressed or argue….just practice saying it. Quietly at first. Try it on the dog…..move up to distant neighbours, family not too close to…and then, after a year of practice…..wait….then say, “Moira. Sweetheart……NO. NO! Nnnnnoooo! YOU DO IT! Call me when you are done. AND, while you are up, fetch me beer, would ya, hon?”
    If he needs coaching, I am available.
    So, when you shop, get extra beers would ya?


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