coming our way

During the depression my grandfather raised canaries in his house for the mines. A gentle soul, he always loved birds. When he retired to Vancouver he continued to raise them in the upstairs of his house. Not for the mines but for pet stores.

Wood wood wood wood.. This month it is all about finding wood, bucking wood, splitting wood and stacking wood. With the strong winds this winter there were quite a few trees which came down on their own and other random trees which we have had no choice but to take down. I now understand the meaning of windfall.

We have bumped the firewood project to the top of the to do list. Our pursuit of full wood sheds is probably going to take quite a few more days to finish. It will have been rewarding work when we see a couple of years of guaranteed warm nights tucked dry in the sheds.

Pipers birthday tomorrow. Now that he will be one and no longer a puppy we are expecting big things. No doubt he will be fetching and rolling over and wowing us with his instant obedience. I am convinced that is how dog training works.

The to do list is on the coffee table in front of me. I am rewriting it and reorganizing it and reprioritizing items with a new perspective. Hopefully we will be able to scratch off firewood fairly soon and replace it with a couple of fun projects.

I have put the sewing machine away but know which quilt I am going to make next. It’s important to have a few on the go. I would hate to be sitting here with nothing to do, in the unlikely event that it rains all summer.

We set a record on Saturday for hummingbirds in the house. Six. I was catching them in my hands faster than I have ever. I suspect they are the same ones over and over and they have just learned the routine.

My soon to be DIL tells me that in her culture hummingbirds bring good luck so I gave her one to hold. The hummingbirds come in the house. I catch them. They rest in my hands for a bit. Then they fly away, presumably leaving me with good luck. After Saturday we are all going to have a lot of good luck

coming our way.

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