you are welcome

Outside my window, as I sit here, are three feeders. One for the humming birds, one for the squirrels and one for the finch type birds. If the hummingbird feeder is empty the hummers swarm around my window staring at me. If the squirrel feeder is empty of peanuts, the squirrel climbs on the window ledge and yells at me… Every night we have to bring the seed feeder inside because at 9:45 on the dot the raccoon comes to try to empty it. He is very cute and I do like him but the dog starts to bark and it becomes a whole thing…If we are tardy in returning the feeder to the tree in the morning the birds don’t complain as much as you would think.. Mostly, they just sit on the branches quietly waiting.

So much for the nice weather.. It’s back to cloudy days with high winds and scattered rain. Normally, I would be quite delighted with the rain but it is pollen season and we have had to close our tanks. Pollen makes a disgusting yellow soup like guck inside water tanks and no one wants to drink soup like guck, yellow or not.

E is still having a grand time putting trim on all of the interior windows and closets. As it turns out, trimming the interior of a house uses up a ton of wood and we ran out of our original stash pretty quickly…Not only do the windows need the usual sills and trim they also need a “decorative” black trim around the interior to match the new living room. Fortunately, wonderful brother in law stopped by with another load of boards he had milled up for us.. So E is plugging away quite happily.

Normally, I wouldn’t talk about this to you but there is a vision I can’t get out of my head and I feel you should have to carry it too…

So, as most of you know I am dieting. To that end, I use a Weight Watchers ap to track my food. Each food is given a number of points and you track the points you eat in a day. Vegies and chicken breasts for example are zero points but Creme Brulee is thirteen. I am supposed to stick to 23 a day.. With 28 a week extra for drinking wine etc. (five ounce class of wine is 4 points)

I have oatmeal every morning. I was looking up how many points it would be to add raisins. I typed r.a.c. …. By accident… Up pops the point value of having 3 oz. of raccoon for dinner..!!!! ICK ICK ICK barf .. ick

There, now you have the image too,

you are welcome

2 thoughts on “you are welcome

  1. If you should EVER eat Raccoon….ever…you will get major bonus points from the Hardy Survivor groups of which there are plenty. Preppers. Doomsday Preppers. Below-Zeroes. Militias. Amish. And me (belonging to the ‘first-to-be-killed-off’ group. I do NOT have enough guns, it seems, to get into the first groups). ‘Course, you’ll also guarantee that you go straight to Hell….but such is the trade-off.

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    • We are definitely a poor excuse for off the grid preppers. Not enough guns, traps or red hats.. I am a person who had to remove several pages from my Joy of Cooking recipe book because it described in graphic detail the art of skinning a rabbit. I could not bare to even by accident come across the page when looking for my blueberry muffin recipe.

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