problem for me

Our brother in law bought his own mill and is having a grand time building stuff with logs off his property. We were offered a log from the island wind storm to use as firewood but my brother in law offered to put it through the mill to see what came out… The next night he arrived at our house with a bunch of fir boards perfect for making trim.

We had to take the trim off the windows in the bedrooms to remove the original paneling in the house. The bathroom window didn’t exist before so it needs finishing. I bought solar blinds for all the bedroom windows two years ago and since then E has climbed over the 8 foot boxes every morning and night to get to his side of the bed.

As with everything around here, you kind of stop noticing things like 8 foot box shaped obstacle courses to the bathroom. You just fix what is urgent and if there is no current crisis, work at the to do list. When my brother in law offered these board lengths…The window trim project jumped to the top of the to do list.

E planed and sanded the boards for our four bedroom windows this week. Then he cut them into the correct lengths and stained them. Today, he will install them and maybe soon hang the blinds and have a clear path to his pillow.

First of the month system stats.

We only received 10 mm of rain in March so we began to pump from our well for a half an hour a day, two weeks ago.

The upper tanks are at 4800 gallons (down 200) and still I have 1000 at the garden. We used 1177 gallons in the house (about 38 per day). We must have harvested 900 gallons from the well. Our days of long hot baths are over and we have moved on to summer habits of quick showers.

Power wise,we are rocking it with 155 KWH collected in the month. The generator is only on occasionally to power tools. I have been able to have the iron on when I quilt, leave the coffee pot plugged in and binge watch net flix at night.

We went to town three times this month.

On the nature channel, the otter are in the the throws of passion. They are very loud at their love making. It concerns me that they are canoodling next to the deck and are perhaps considering a nursery under our studio again..

We had three hummingbirds stay with us all winter. All of their friends and family have now returned for the summer and we seem to get one in the house every afternoon. Unfortunately, Piper seems to be quite talented at catching birds and has caught seven. This week he managed to catch a humming bird on the deck and brought it to me ever so proudly.

There are a lot of things I over look living here. Limited water, construction zones and bedrooms piled high in boxes. But bird killing…… This is a

problem for me

2 thoughts on “problem for me

  1. Off the grid living always has lists of things that need to be done. Our rain gauge had a problem while we were gone from late January through mid-March but I don’t think we got much. To top things off the mill has been drawing water out of the lake like crazy. It is October low rather than April high. This is a bad start for what is supposed to be another dry summer. – Margy


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