it up there

It has been a gorgeous week working up in the garden. I have probably spent more hours up there in the last ten days than all of the last two summers combined. Filled with optimism that I will have water up there to keep my plants alive this summer, I begin with a cautious sense of hope. When there is no water and everything is dying, I avoid the garden. It can be all too depressing.

First job, was to get the vegie garden beds turned over and weeded. They are ready now. Nothing left to do but plant the vegies and watch them grow. Most plants won’t be going into the ground until the end of May so I am well organized. I can hardly wait to see the practical side of the garden packed with produce or as I like to think of it, next winter’s food.

The pond has come to life and all of the eighteen gold fish are alive and thriving. During the winter they go south and we don’t feed or see them. Even for the last few days only a few would come to the top.. But today was so glorious, even the fish came up to bask in the sun.

I emptied one side of the compost and scattered what was usable on what will be the tomato beds. The rest went back into the bin to “cook” some more. If you are considering using either of these products (3″ peat pots or peat pellets) to start your seeds, I urge you to save your money.

They are not compostable and bind the roots of your seedlings. If you do use them, don’t plant them with your seedlings. Remove them first. These were attached to my tomato roots at the end of the summer four years ago and have been in my compost bin ever since… They have not broken down in the least.

Now that most of the weeding is done, I can get to the really fun part of gardening. Moving plants around. If a plant isn’t performing as it should, I move it a few times and then, if it still frustrates me, I toss it. It’s a small garden and I have no room for any plant who doesn’t pull their weight and give me joy.

Last fall, I was fed up with my Spirea, Rose of Sharon, Beauty Bush and Flowering Current.. They were tall and leggy and drought ravaged. I pruned them within an inch of their lives. I figured it was up to them to survive and thrive.. They are all alive and have fresh buds on them. Time will tell if they get to keep their place in my garden.

Then there was the best part, “decorating” the garden. I putter, and move things around. I brought a dead Arbutus limb in to stand next to the bird feeders. I didn’t think there were enough places for the little birdies to wait in line for their dinner. Then, E built a frame around an old mirror we got from a friend and hung it on the shed. If anyone has any more old mirrors they want rid of .. let me know 🙂

Tomorrow, more weeding and more “decorating”. I do love

it up there.

5 thoughts on “it up there

  1. Very nice! The weather has indeed become quite summery. I begin to feel a bit panic stricken, until I remember that it is still very early in the season. I worry about the lack of precipitation though, we could really do with some rain. Have fun in the sun!


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