to do list

It is absolutely gorgeous weather here this week. Twenty some odd degrees up in the garden. Perfect temperatures to get stuff done. I melt if it gets too much warmer.. I am at my most productive in the spring and fall.

Some housekeeping matters of note.

With the never ending sunshine we have little reason to turn on the diesel generator. On the 16th, E turned it on to charge some tools up at the studio but at that point it hadn’t been on for a week. We used to have to turn it on to pump water every day. No more.

With the on going hot weather we have no reason to keep the fireplace going. This means we have no hot water coming from the water boiler.. We flipped a switch and resumed the propane on demand system. If the weather turns cold again and we light the fire, we can turn the propane system off. It’s a simple process.

We have just finished an awesome British police drama. Five seasons of Scott and Bailey… We also recommend the Bletchley Circle and Happy Valley. All British shows. All binge worthy, but Scott and Bailey was the best.

This winter has been really cold and I suspect we used double the firewood we normally have used. That said, it has been unusually dry and our water tanks are not as full as I had hoped. We are hoping for a really wet April (sorry).

The purple finch returned to the feeder today. Not sure if that is early or not. We have had whale sightings twice in the last two days. Two adults and a baby have been near the island but I haven’t been able to get a decent picture.

No sign of wildlife in the garden last night. We were able to get the tree bucked thanks to the loan of a chainsaw.. Thanks Anne!.. While E cut the tree, my job was to roll the rounds down the driveway to the wood pile. They were heavy and had a mind of their own. More than one landed in the ditch… But we got most of the job done. Our backs are old so we will finish tomorrow. No rush. Then we can think about repairing the fence.

And then we can get back to our

to do list

7 thoughts on “to do list

  1. Yes, the weather is so very lovely right now! Like someone flipped the switch! And what is it about the time? The minute the clocks move forward, it seems that the time actually speeds up; there is never enough of it in a day to get everything done that needs to get done! Ah, spring! Love it, though i am worried about the lack of precipitation. Will keep an eye peeled for that family of whales, perhaps they are headed this way….thanks for the post!


  2. We had an on-demand propane water heater in the RV we rented. It was very efficient and we had hot water in almost an instant. Food for thought for the cabin. We have to haul our propane so extra use means more trips to town with heavy tanks to load. – Margy


    • Most of us here have an on demand hot water system and it works great. The hauling of the propane is a giant pain but the cost of living here… this new system we put in for hot water during the winter from our wood stove helps a bit.. how else would you have hot water?


  3. Same weather, same feelings. Water up but the area is still a bit dry….watching…keeping cistern full. Wood getting is scheduled for next month but floaters being collected now. So much to do. Always busy except now and then….which makes it perfect….


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