days like today

Today was the day we were going to deal with the dangerous tree hanging over the garden.
Weather station tells me that it was 14 degrees today down at the house but it was easily 20 degrees up in the garden.

In preparation yesterday, E took the glass out of the greenhouse and we moved all of the shelving and garden supplies to safety. E took some shakes off and the metal roofing. There was no point in taking the shed apart. We assumed the tree would drop right on it and handle the demolition for us.

We also expected the fencing in the north corner of the garden to be smashed. E removed the solar controller for the electric fencing but the rest of the fence we left standing. The posts are firmly cemented in so they would either get crushed or not.. We also expected a tree on the far side of the driveway would be hit and maybe fall down. I was worried about my baby Hawthorne tree on the driveway but wasn’t going to risk digging it up. I just crossed my fingers.

The tree started to fall faster than expected and caught the chainsaw. Tim lent us his, to free it. Slight glitch but it all turned out great. The tree came down very quickly. I think a combination of a really sharp chainsaw and a slightly rotten tree core.

It was a really curvy tree. I haven’t seen one like it before. When it fell it took out the greenhouse as expected but no other trees. The Hawthorne is safe. Three sections of the fencing fell but all of the posts remain untouched.

In fact the curvy tree fell around the posts. Weaving back and forth almost like E knew what

he was doing. He loves

days like today

5 thoughts on “days like today

  1. Yikes, well done! Sad about the greenhouse, but better to prepare well and save what you could. Many years ago C. built a beautiful greenhouse, sheathed in clear plastic not glass, thank goodness. No sooner had he finished the building in our veg garden, then a big old dead alder dropped straight through the brand new greenhouse, also taking the garden fence with it. I think you did well to minimize your losses!


  2. Congratulations for a tricky job well done.
    When I get there I’ll get Ean or a paid faller to take down that rotten arbutus on the edge of Ira’s lot. Stay safe.


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