because trees move

E started to build a greenhouse a few years ago up in my garden, but it was never finished. The shake siding isn’t done, the interior shelving isn’t built and the new garden gate hasn’t been installed. The reno started and well he’s been distracted. Quite all right, I hardly did much gardening last summer what with the drought and all. I expect this year I will have much more time up there. I had planned to start the seeds down in the house and move them up to the greenhouse when I could.. I had thought I would.. and then I went for a walk this afternoon…. and then I looked up.

When playing the island version of Jeopardy, and choosing the category “Safety and placement of greenhouses for two hundred Alex”, The answer today would be “What is, oh shit?”

This tree I call my cat in the hat tree. It has some great curves like the hat of storied fame. It has never before hung over the garden like this. It must have moved during the December storm but I hadn’t noticed until today.

This tree will be impossible to take down with the green house where it is. Our plan is to take the greenhouse apart. We will save the glass and the walls and all the bits and pieces. E can then drop the tree and build it all over again. It will be next Friday before we will have time to get it done. Hopefully, it doesn’t fall before we get to it or while we are working beneath it…

This is why we never get anything done on our to do list… Other stuff keeps coming up and coming down!!!

It looks like I will be growing my veggie seeds down at the house longer than I expected. I’m kind of a “things happen for a reason” kinda gal. I’m thinking there is a reason we never finished the greenhouse the way we had planned. It is

because trees move.

4 thoughts on “because trees move

  1. Hello there,

    Before E starts dismantling the greenhouse, might I suggest a second opinion on falling the tree.

    Several years ago, we took down a tree looking far more dangerous that had we not taken it down, would have taken out Tom and Patty’s place – not dismantelable. (I know, not proper English)
    Craigdallie and I were involved together with Tom and Vic and we used my truck and a carefully placed set of blocks and tackle to pull the tree over and away when it was felled.

    Been done and could maybe be done again. Just sayin’. 🤓


    “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool”
    (Richard Feynman, 1965 Nobel Physics)

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