little more often

Clear and cold with expected temperatures to drop further tonight with maybe some accompanying snow. Water is calm now but the winds are supposed to pick up for the next few days. Snow, cold temps, wind…..winter is here.

Longer days with the sun higher in the sky recently has seen some welcome power accumulated in the batteries. We are getting about 3.3 Kwh per day with our current hours of sunshine. We benefit from sunshine or rain but when its dry and cloudy, that does us no good at all. For those keeping track we are on day 240 without changing our propane tanks.

Yesterday, E felt well enough to add some caulking to our unfinished windows.

I spent the day saving each blog post I have written, one at a time, on my backup external hard drive. There are 637 going back to the 2012 beginning. I had forgotten about a lot of them but some of the ones at the beginning were my best. I admit there is a lot of repetition. Tomatoes, sea lions, happiness… it must get boring to you!!!

Louse Penny wrote something at the end of her latest book which really struck a chord with me. She said, and I paraphrase, that she considered quiting writing the Inspector Gamache series as it had been a project which her husband was so very much a part of and with him now gone, it didn’t seem right.. But then she found, when she started to write another book that it actually brought him back closer to her.

It made me think about this blog. I was going to quit writing it when my Mom passed away as I had always meant each entry to be kind of a letter to her. But then I found when I write the blog I am reminded of her. It also brings me closer to my kids. Even though I doubt they read it very often, I still imagine I am talking to them and I pretend they are interested.

In addition to keeping our travelling neighbours up to date on the state of affairs of the island, complete strangers seem to like to follow along. It also brings me (us really) closer to old friends. Men and woman I haven’t seen in years but have known us since childhood send much appreciated comments as they follow along.. It’s very nice. I am touched.

I noticed a blog post from last February that we had to empty the fireplace as it was full of ash and not burning efficiently. It is supposed to get to -5 tonight and again the fireplace is full. Next winter we should empty it a

little more often

8 thoughts on “little more often

  1. M, I always read every word even tho I seldom have much to say
    You make me feel like I am much closer than the miles apart that we are.keep it going, we love you.


  2. I, too, write as if someone was reading with interest. Hah! It turns out that few are. And I get that. Part of it is me, of course. I tend to rant now and then and Trump has upped that obnoxious habit to the point of my being almost as obnoxious as he is. And I tend to pontificate about really big topics like economics and politics without, of course, having half a brain with which to do it. Plus I have gone anti-urban, anti-capitalist, pro-green, anti-oil and pro-anarchist all guaranteed to repel those not so inclined – or still mortgaged, commuting and working. I am a pill. Hmmm….maybe Trump and I are tied in the obnoxious Olympics?
    In addition, I have also dropped most of my anecdotes in which I end up bleeding profusely or lying in bed healing. Readers seemed to love those stories. Couldn’t get enough of them. Blood-thirsty rabbble! The reason for that: I am doing less and less and, when I still get up the energy to do something, I play it safe. And quit early. Danger for me now is hiring somebody.
    In summary, I am no longer fun or interesting. And now, I am in Arizona which is the dullest part of the world – ever! OMG!
    As for you………..well, face it….we are boring. I am boring. You are boring. We are getting on. We creak and crack when we walk. Our thoughts no longer runneth over. Table tops are no longer for dancing. Nothing gets chugged. I even keep to the speed limit. AND – did I mention? I AM IN ARIZONA!! If ever there was a time to break some wine glasses, this should be the place…..but, instead, it is coma inducing and….I will nap instead. Suggestion: we confess to having done something politically incorrect when we were young. Watch the world have a fit!


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