They are catching

Nothing good comes from going to town. E went twice last week and now, after walking amongst the great unwashed, he is sick. Moving to this island keeps him away from most of the germs out there, Ferries are the worst… and shopping buggies. Normally, I handle the buggy but he was there by himself on Saturday with no Purell..

Because he is immune suppressed he catches everything and because he is meant to be immune suppressed he can’t take anything to fight….. Sleep, and take Tylenol is all he can do.. We have no where to be, nothing which must be done, so sleep it is…

I just stay out of the way and read my books quietly. It’s the very least I can do.

Yesterday’s, Sanford’s, Holy Ghost was good. Today, I’m starting Extreme Prey.. I can’t remember where I left off with the Lucas Davenport series so I will start there…

Lots of snow on the local mountains. Just a dusting here. But it’s cold. -2 on the perch last night. Piper is staying close to the fire.

The eagles are really chatty. I don’t know if they are complaining about the cold or the frozen dinners

they are catching…

2 thoughts on “They are catching

  1. I feel for E. It must drive him crazy. It does me. I am not purposefully immune suppressed but I am socially isolated and intend to keep it that way for as much as I can. Point being: similar effects. But, of course, sometimes you have to swim amongst the hoi polloi and therein lies the danger. The whole human biome is replete with germs, bugs, diseases, viruses, slime, body fluids, skin disorders, bad breath and BO just to name a few. A simple trip to town is impossible without encountering Ebola and the plague at the very least. And let’s not even touch on STDs!
    Let’s NOT touch anything, actually!
    The worst is the school. We have a little two-room school with usually about a dozen students. Go to the school for five minutes and you get something. Every bloody time! The little scum-bags are walking Petrie dishes. It’s a horror show!
    Strongest person on our island is the diminutive school teacher. That she can still walk and talk after all these years in the cesspools of her classrooms is a testimony to an Ironman strength. E has my sympathies. I suggest that he take two Tylenol and send you to town in the morning.


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