Beach or sun

Commuting to Richmond in the 90’s during February was the worst part of my life. I hated driving in the snow. After work once, I actually got a flat tire at the bottom of the Westminster Highway on ramp. Standing in my dress and heels in the blowing snow beside my disabled station wagon hoping someone other than an axe murderer would stop, was a lowlight of my life as a working mom with three kids under five.

If you don’t like waking up to a temperature of 14 degrees in your living room with the wind blowing against your windows and waves thundering against the rocks beneath you then you were quite right to have gone south to warmer weather. Is fetching wood with a temp of -2 outside and a gusting wind not something you want to do? Probably best you chose to escape.

It is definitely winter here. No doubt. February is always the coldest month in this area of the west coast. If there was a time to escape, it would be February. But if you can’t leave, it is definitely the month to be tucked inside beside the fire, with a full pantry and a good book or two.

We are both fast readers so when weather like this sets in we go through our books quickly. Yesterday, we read the latest Harlan Coban book, Don’t let go. It was okay. An easy read. Not his best.. Today, I am reconnecting with John Sanford…and the Holy Ghost. Neither of us are in the mood for deep meaningful reading. We just want to relax. Kind of like vacationing on the beach with a good book in the sun without the

beach or sun.

2 thoughts on “Beach or sun

  1. You must be at least partly talking to me…? I am in Arizona for January and February. And I am here for all the reasons you mentioned. I am not keen on winter weather anymore and I am especially NOT keen on the darker, shorter days – I have a hard enough time getting anything done now without having to work in the dark and cold as well. Sunshine is more important to me as I age. I probably don’t need two months of unadulterated boredom-in-the-sun but, if I am going to endure the travel and make the move, I may as well make it for a long enough time that it matters to the daylight. So, I do. But, to be honest, anything over two weeks down here is a bit of a trial. ‘Merican, mall-life spent in cars and absent any ‘real’ community or even pedestrian traffic is depressingly vacuous and dull. They have great light – and that is it. Well, great inexpensive groceries and wine prices, too. But – all things considered – I would still rather be poor in BC than rich in Arizona. Honest. I do not think I will return. Maybe buy a sun lamp instead.


    • Along with you in Arizona I have friends who are in Costa Rica, Cuba, Borneo, Jamaica, California, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Panama and Hawaii…. the desire gene to travel at this age to warmer weather seems to be a gene we missed.. but we enjoy living vicariously with everyone’s stories…


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