dinner half cooked

Years ago E bought a Triumph GT6Plus and we immediately took it on a road trip to watch the Whitecaps play in Portland. With the naive confidence of 20 somethings we ventured forth to reach Portland on one tank of gas. It didn’t end well. We ended up pushing the car up and down the streets of Vancouver Washington at 5 pm, July 4th in search of an open gas station…

Water is calm and the temperatures are mild. We sit at 7 degrees outside during the days and have yet to drop below zero at night.

During the day, I sit at my sewing machine quilting. Evenings this week were happily spent with Hap and Leonard on Netflix, and downloaded copies of Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born.

We put four full forty pound tanks of propane on the house system on June 12th.. Our original fridge used 1.5 pounds of propane per day. All in, the house (including on demand hot water) probably averaged 2.2 pounds per day. One hundred and sixty pounds of propane would last about 72 days.

It has been 229 days since we had to add propane to our renovated house system. Every time we turn on the oven these days we think of that July 4th drive and wonder if this is the moment we will run out of gas. Instead of pushing a car up and down the streets of America, this time, we will likely need to refuel in the freezing rain. It will probably be in the dark and our

dinners half cooked.

7 thoughts on “dinner half cooked

  1. You should never run out. With 4 tanks just manifold two tanks together on each side of an automatic switching regulator. When two tanks are empty it will automatically switch to the others. And will indicate which are empty
    Gives you plenty of time to switch to full tanks without needing to do it in the freezing rain.


  2. Oh good, an opportunity for a wager….. I’m guessing you will go 300 days before having to change those tanks! Let me know! anybody else have a guess?


  3. We use about 2+ pounds per day, too.….the ‘barge service’ will deliver….no? I have a 900 pound tank. They will only fill to 80% – 720 pounds. If I am careful (we never are) we MIGHT last the whole year but I top up every six months. OMG is it worth it or what! No heavy tanks. No switching over. NO running out. You can get a ‘pig’ that is 450 pounds. Even that would do…?


    • We don’t have propane barge service here. Which is why we have changed to an electric fridge and hot water from airtight. We have saved 300 pounds of propane and 360.00 in seven months. I figure over 12 months we might need 270 pounds for the year and we are here every day.


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