Out on that

It seems the winds aren’t done with us yet. They have been coming straight at us from the west all night. The picture doesn’t translate the sounds or the beauty or the intimidating strength.

I would have loved to have been here during the storm last week but if this is 43K and it was double last week, yikes.. You wouldn’t know where to stand!

As mentioned, there are a lot of trees down on the island. Some close calls but no structural damage. Last night a big tree came down on the property next to us but it landed perfectly on my neighbours burn pile. If the wind ever calms and the rain stays away we will get busy tidying our property. No rush it isn’t going anywhere and we have things to do.

E has just spent his third day under the house working on our water pressure. We thought our five year old pressure tank had failed and our new 150 volt pump wouldn’t work without a pressure tank. Yesterday, he uninstalled what he had just installed the day before and was going to rely on gravity… but even then there was no pressure… This morning he tried the simplest and last-ditch option, he took our water filters off and boom, water pressure. The water filters need replacing. We can get more when we are in town next time.

Sometimes being unafraid to fix anything and everything leads you down the most complex problem solving path when all along it is the simple easy path you need to take to solve the issue.

After E had a hot soak and a turkey sandwich he took a nap. We aren’t going

out on that

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