Pair of shoes

I try very hard to keep things light and positive on this blog. No one needs to hear me rant and rave about frustrations in my life. I try to stick with my choice to be happy and not to let the crazy or stupid get to me. If I am miffed I try to let it go quickly and certainly not mention it here.

Sure, there was the time this fall when I shared my displeasure about the idiots who were fishing illegally in front of my house. But you have to admit I usually keep things pretty positive.

I try to pay heed to my friends refusal to become a grumpy old man. First of all , no one wants to be around a grumpy old man least of all his wife… second of all, his kids and third of all, ditto for a grumpy old woman.

Years ago my son gave me some very sage advice. He was away at university and I had written him a long lecturey letter reminding him to stay on task and quit with the partying. He reminded me that my requirement to parent exceeded his requirement for parenting and the next time I felt the need to lecture…. certainly write it all down…. but just don’t press send.

And so if I do write a blog post which doesn’t capture the gratitude which I have for my life and in anyway sounds like I am complaining I do tend to not press send..

Until today

Someone explain to me why every time and I mean every time we leave this hotel room to get in the car and drive round Vancouver, for the very few minutes several times in the day that we are in the car, do they have to play the exact same Christmas song on the radio? You know the one. The woman is dying for goodness sake, go home, hold her hand. She doesn’t need another

pair of shoes.

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