Poor wee puppy

I don’t watch horror movies. I never could stomach them. Why would anyone choose to be scared? I still have nightmares of a Gregory Peck movie I saw in the sixties. While under interrogation the bad guys inserted a needle into his eye.. I know! Ewwwww

We spent two hours at the vet last night with Sami.. that dog… geez..

He is staying at a kennel for the ten days we are here but we had to take him out to see a vet. His eye looks like Marty Feldman dipped it in a chlorinated swimming pool.

He possibly has Glaucoma, making him blind in one eye. So when running through the salal on the island he didn’t know to blink and his cornea got scratched by a branch. The scratch has now ulcerated.. I know! Eeewwwwww Poor wee thing. The vet has him on antibiotics and anti inflammatories. He is worried that it isn’t glaucoma at all but a tumor pushing on the eye.

Best case scenario the ulcer heals and he is blind in the eye. Second best he loses the eye. Worst case, it’s a tumor and he is hooped… good Lord that dog has seen his share of scares…

I was very close to going home and missing Christmas with the kids.. How could I leave him in a kennel? But the kennel owners are really nice people, and didn’t bat an eye when I came back from the vets and handed them the bag of meds and the dog with a collar around his neck.

We are going to have to take him one more time this week for a follow up at the vet and of course more appointments in Nanaimo next week. If he is getting stressed I guess I could take him out of the kennel to stay at the hotel with us?. I don’t know.. I’m torn….

poor wee puppy

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