A great gift

Shhhhh everyone is sleeping and I have some time to write.

As happens when you live on an island in the Pacific Northwest the weather can get ugly. Heavy rain and strong winds can make for some scary rides on the ocean. We arrange our personal schedules accordingly. We book medical appointments etc during the spring and summer when the weather won’t cause cancellations. We keep plenty of food on hand and never go to town if it gets really ugly

My tolerance for ugly weather has admittedly increased as the years have gone by. It’s our seventh winter on the island and we trust our boat. It’s solid and we are safe and dry when we are on it. But, this week we have a special precious cargo who we were unwilling to put in a boat on the water during a storm.

At this point our granddaughter loves the boat. She smiles and laughs and when we hit a big wave we all yell wee and she behaves like she is on the best PNE ride ever. But we don’t want that attitude jeapordized.

So when a small window of calmer weather opened on Monday morning we took the opportunity to bring her to the city. Apparently, her parents want her back and would not have accepted us keeping her until a warm flat calm day on the water.. I had mentioned May is a good travel month.

So here we are in town early. We will have ten nights in the city. Ten! That is a lot of days off island for me… but our grand daughter has been to the island now six times in her short 16 months of life so it’s the the least I could do..

First thing we did this morning as one does when in the city with their granddaughter a week before Christmas is take her to Home Depot. Although, with the recent rains we have tons of water in our tanks we aren’t happy with the shower pressure. E has a new plan. He is sleeping right now so I can’t tell you what it is. I was spinning the granddaughter around in circles of the Richmond Home Depot and didn’t pay attention to what he was buying.

As it turns out we came over yesterday at the right time. The water was only bumpy enough that it acted to rock the baby to sleep for an early nap. But it did worsen to a point that the ferries were cancelled later in the day. Our precious cargo is in her own bed safe and sound. Tomorrow night we have to turn her back over to her parents. It’s been a great eleven days and we are so honoured they shared her so generously. What

a great gift.

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