La la la la la

Grocery shopping with my children in the nineties…

that tunnel traffic was crazy what are we going to have for dinner maybe a frozen lasagne that will be quick before we get the boys to cubs and daughter to karate oh my god wasn’t I supposed to make brownies for daughters school tomorrow will they have time before dinner for homework don’t forget deli meat there is nothing in the house for lunches tomorrow I need some bananas

Grocery shopping with my grand daughter….

La la la la la… Mandarin oranges.. Yes, let’s talk to every nice older lady about your warm hat. La la la…. dropped your boot.. here let me get that for you… la la la la…..

The weather is supposed to be horrid for the next week, high winds and heavy rain, which is just fine by us. We have lots of food and firewood. Nothing to do but play with the baby and watch the storms.

E has the next ten days off work he is on mandatory playtime duty.

It seems even the whales are happy granddaughter is back. An orca came by yesterday afternoon. We haven’t seen one since she was here last.

She is walking now and has lots of words. Dog being the most often said as the puppy is never far from her side. He sleeps outside her door when she is napping. On guard duty I guess.

Baby crying in the night when my kids were young..

Oh my god I have to be up in four hours for work, man my boss is a bitch is there any gas in the car or do I need to stop on the way before I go through the tunnel I hope it isn’t going to snow today I hate driving on the highway in snow this room is cold did I pay the hydro bill oh right you idiot we turn the heat off at night the chief pilot at work is a moron this house is a mess i need a new vacuum cleaner how can three children have ear infections at once

Granddaughter crying in the night

Oh you sweet little thing are you cold let’s go cuddle by the fire look at the stars can you hear the waves oh you are adorable you snuggle right in there…

la la la la la

3 thoughts on “La la la la la

  1. I love this. I know it sounds weird to say, but I am sooooo looking forward to being a grandmother one day! Being the mom is exhausting and hard and not really all that much fun for me. But I think I’ll be a great grandma, lol!

    Your granddaughter is so lucky to have you and your home to come to! Enjoy!


    • Looking back the hard work the exhaustion the stress was the happiest time of my life. I wish I had understood that at the time. I miss the days when my children slept down the hall from me desperately.. I’m guessing there is a lesson learned somewhere that it was the hard work which gave us the payoff now of great relationships with our adult kids.. the grand daughter is definitely the best thing that has happened to us since the kids grew up…

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      • I know that’s the truth! I already miss their baby days with a passion, even though those were some of the hardest and longest days of my life! Hard work does give the greatest satisfaction.


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