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Okay, my quilt squares are done and the sewing machine has been put away until January. Time to get on with Christmas. A little bit of decorating, a little bit of baking and a little bit of getting back to my book.

For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the monthly water update, here you go. Remember the ultimate storage capacity, when all tanks are full, is 8500 gallons.   

We have moved 1000 gallons down to the two garden tanks with 3500 remaining in the tanks on the top of the cliff. We used 1190 gallons in November, including water loss setting up the boiler system. That is a net gain of 3490 gallons of free water since the end of October.

Normally, I drink wine when I am writing my blog but I am not really drinking these days, hence my lack of recent postings. I normally drink rum and coke when I am decorating the house for Christmas and I feel naked decorating without the taste of the sweet spiced rum.. Hot water doesn’t really cut it. sigh. On December 20th when we go to town, I fully intend to return to my sinful ways for the week we are there, but that doesn’t help me today when I want to decorate and find myself completely surrounded by no rum.

In addition to decorating, I thought I would bake some Christmas goodies today.  I made some eat more bars this morning, next up date bars and shortbread. Drinking alcohol while baking isn’t part of my routine so I’m good with my cup of hot water.

I promised a picture of the cut at the highest tide of the year. This was taken at 11:20 AM on Nov 29. King tide at the cut. During the summer at low tide this area dries out and as the water rises to cover the sand and rocks it provides a nice swim spot for my neighbours.

I had made copious notes about our water usage at the end of October, and fortunately recorded the numbers in the blog because we went out for dinner the other night and the puppy ate

all my notes.

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