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Since midnight on the 25th we have received 53.26 mm of rain. Or in words that matter, 1250 gallons of water off of our roof. Good for our water tanks bad for the dogs. They weren’t happy with my uninterest in walking very far.

The rain broke and we went back to our routine of a walk to the fire hall. Puddle running at its finest.

There was a great variety of mushrooms along the way. Personally, I don’t get the attraction of eating something which may or may not kill you. E and I are fairly unadventurous cooks. We  breach the barriers of safety if we use tarragon. Pulling a disgusting icky thing out from under  wet leaves and sauteing it in garlic seems an unlikely dish we will ever serve. Yet, for some,  it’s a thing. 

The King Tide is playing havoc in the waters right now. Logs are flushed off their beaches and provide a complex obstacle course for boats in the water. The water levels at the cove are as high as some have ever seen. Normally, the incline of the ramp at the marina is directly related to how much heavy stuff we have to carry to the truck. Today, in a virtually empty marina and with nothing to carry, the ramp was flat.

I will take a picture of the King Tide in the cut on Thursday around 1030 am.  It will be 12.8 feet. The highest it gets here.

Thursday, I will also have more material for my quilt squares  and can get back to sewing. In the mean time, the dogs are tired, the fire is warm and I am going to get back

to my book

5 thoughts on “to my book

  1. The rain has resulted in a 2-foot rise on Powell Lake. Since we float, it isn’t a problem, but it has been amazing to watch. We usually calculate that an inch of rain brings 4 inches in lake level, but with all the heavy rain and run-off it must have exceeded that average. I have a question about our blog format. How much work was it to transfer from your old one? Did you have to do a lot of photo and text rearranging? – Margy


    • It has been a lot of rain hasn’t it? I actually don’t really like the new one but the old one was screwed up somehow and I couldn’t fix it so I thought WTH and started fresh. It’s actually very easy.. you just choose a new template (i just searched free ones) within customize and it filled it all in for me… I haven’t really adjusted it very much….one day when I am in the mood I will 🙂


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