would be correct

Ok, that disgusting job is done.! E finished the insulation under the flooring of the new room.. There was a lot of swearing. I know, cause I could hear him underneath me as I sat in the new room watching for the sea lions to go by and drinking my coffee. 

I did a bit of raking and topped up the water tanks in the garden. Most of the maple leaves are now in a large wired cage and will compost happily by the spring. 

One of my Steve brothers in law. I have two.. Well, I have four brothers in law but two Steves. Anyways, he came by with a gadget to help E change the tire on the truck. So maybe tomorrow with a fixed truck we can go hunting for some more wood. I have more raking to do with another burn pile in my future.

We had a ton of sea lions go by tonight around 5:30. So too dark for pictures. But there was a lot of huffing and puffing under the deck.

I am fully aware that when you read this blog, you might think that E does a disproportionate amount of the work around here. You

would be correct

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