science, who knew?

Yet another gorgeous sunny day today. Not sure how much longer they will continue but I’m not complaining. My body is unable to accept daylight savings so I am up very early..

I am reminded of all those years struggling to get to work for my 7 am shifts. Admittedly a lot of those nights we had been up with a sick kid or any of the myriad of other reasons we never slept when the kids were young. But still.. it’s ironic. We have all the time in the world to stay in bed til noon but haven’t slept past 7 AM in twenty years.. I can barely sleep til day break…

Up early, our coffee finished we were off in the truck to go fetch some more wood. E runs the chain saw. I throw the rounds into the back of the pick up truck and back out again to a pile on our driveway. We didn’t buck trees for too long.. Again, just a little bit every day to protect E’s back. 

One of the trips earned our truck a flat tire and no matter what E did the bolts would not come off the useless thing… . So the truck is not going any where, anytime soon. Fortunately we found ourselves with a second truck this summer and are rewarded for the decision to keep both.

There were more leaves to rake and an excuse for another burn pile. I imagine I will be raking again tomorrow. The trees are slow to give up their loot and just when I think I have cleaned the driveway, the wind forces them to drop. I haven’t even started on the upper driveway.

So with my shoulder replacement two years ago I am now able to help E with a little bit of the harder physical work. Wouldn’t know that I couldn’t brush my teeth with my right hand for years.

Come to think of it to see how E spends his days on this island you wouldn’t think, well there is a guy who had a heart transplant. Huh, medical science… who knew?

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