keeping a secret


The objective of the game played on the nature channel which I tuned to in front of our house today, is twofold. The first objective is multi faceted. The animals need to find their food and eat that food before someone else gets it. The second objective and certainly the most important for the fish, is to eat their food before becoming someone else’s breakfast.

Other than constructing a second bedroom for guests, the main reason for the renovation was to provide me photo access to the winter activities at the cut. When the summer crowds are gone and the jets skis a distant horrible dream, the waters become still and the wildlife reveal themselves. With my new deck I have ample opportunity to watch the goings on.

This morning I could hear the sea gulls excitedly screaming. There was a sea-lion feeding just in front of the deck.  I’m guessing like me, he doesn’t like his breakfast wiggling as it goes down his throat. He will throw the fish in the air or slap it on the water to stun it into a more appetizing  food. But while the fish is soaring through the air it becomes easily accessible to clever birds. The eagle and sea gulls were circling the sea-lion just waiting for their chance.

The picture I am still waiting to take is of the eagle grabbing a fish right from the sea lions mouth.  I was close once, but it remains elusive. Today, I will have to be satisfied with the seagull snatching breakfast from the sea lion.

DSCN6205 (2)

DSCN6195 (2)DSCN6194 (2)

As I see it, the  primary objective for the seagull is to have someone else find their food for them. They always let me know if there are whales or sea lions anywhere nearby as they are completely incapable of

keeping a secret

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Stern says:

    What great photos
    I hope you get that dream shot


    1. Off Grid Islanders says:

      Thanks Mike… Are you surrounded by Scotch?????


  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Nature Channel
    Thank you for sharing the fantastic pictures.
    Nature lover


    1. Off Grid Islanders says:

      Happy to do so.. hopefully the wildlife will provide lots of entertainment for us this winter…..


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