Got his dinner

Grandma called them collywobbles. Truth is, I never actually heard her say the word collywobbles and I can’t imagine a situation where Grandma would need to talk about some fellows bits and felt the need to use a word like collywobbles. But Mom always maintained that she picked up the term from Grandma. Whatever you call them, Piper doesn’t have his any more.

I was quilting today. Mostly unfinished projects which won’t amount to anything but let me practice on the new sewing machine til I feel confident enough to sew some clothes for my granddaughter.

E is in the process of installing the brass water tank. There was a delay as he had to run to town to get some missing parts. He also bought some Brasso to try to clean the filthy tank enough to bring it inside. Let me tell you, Brasso is useless. So I went to Pinterest, as you do, and got a recipe.. One part flour, two parts salt and three parts vinegar. Look at the difference.

The Juvie eagle was guarding the cut today. I feel I haven’t been supplying you with enough nature channel pictures lately so while we wait for the sea lions and whales here is the eagle in front of our house.

I am home babysitting dogs while E went out to enjoy a big dinner with friends. Someone had to make sure Piper

got his dinner.


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