Beneath the soil


Traditionally my garlic is planted by the light of the October full moon. Preferably, yet rarely it is planted while naked. Stories are told of the health benefits of eating nakedly planted garlic but they remain unproven, by me.

The rains are supposed to start on Monday so I felt the risk to plant my wee cloves early was less than the unpleasantness of planting them in the mud.

I planted three different types. There are twenty-two cloves of Metechi, a hot strong spicy vigorous grower. Forty of German White, great for roasting and stores well. Twenty nine of Duganski, a strong, fiery flavour with a rich garlic after taste. Ninety one in all. I got carried away at the nursery…

There is much discussion on the island as to which side of ones house is the front and which is the back. Is the front where you enter? Or is the front the side facing the water?E is working on the shingles and framing around the windows at the back of the house, or is it the front of the house. He is working on the rock side. Today we can call it the back.

I can’t show you a picture yet because it is definitely more than a one day job. It is very finicky work cutting the shingles around the edges. So instead, I will show you a picture of my pretty garlic all ready to be pushed

beneath the soil

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  1. BETTY FOULDS says:

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your slides of the beginning of the building of your beautiful cottage on the water, Having built 2 cottages in the Cariboo and one in the Gulf Islands, it brings back such good memories and times. Hard, and many times frustrating work, getting building supplies to the site, but I would never have changed a thing. Thank you again. Thanks for the memories.


    1. Off Grid Islanders says:

      Thank you.. Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. But makes the enjoyment of the property all the more special 🙂


  2. Margy says:

    Somehow I didn’t hear the recommendation for planting garlic. I put mine in late in September when I cleaned out the bed in my float garden. Hopefully it won’t be too stunted. I planted some of my own hardneck garlic from last year and Russian Red. It’s my first time trying that one. – Margy


    1. Off Grid Islanders says:

      I think it was russian red i had success with a few years ago. I think the worry is the soil might be too warm and the garlic sprouting too early. Who knows. Its fun to try different things. Let me know how it works. Im sure as long as you were naked when you planted it ….it will be fine 😉


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