do do cake

When a dog gets to be twelve years old and has fought off otters  (an otter victim) and scary puppies you would think he would be able to rest easy and have a care free life. Not to be, for our wee Sami. Apparently, he has eaten something. It could be anything living in this type of environment. I was very confident telling the vet that there would not be any rat poison around here or at our neighbours but there are countless poisonous plants and dead animals that a dog could nibble on.

I had to rush him to the vet this afternoon when blood started to come out of where blood ought not come out of…..


He is on antibiotics, probiotics, fluids , pills, packages of powder and drops…. so far the afternoon total is 300.00…. We are hoping he can fight it…. but in the mean time.. snuggles.

I have mentioned that the island women make a quilt or afghan each year to raise funds for the fire hall. This year it is a quilt and the participants met over coffee and cake this morning (there is always cake) to discuss the layout..

One of the questions which came up pertaining to off grid quilters was the concern of ironing during cloudy winter days when no solar power is available.. Quilting involves a lot of ironing. Heat is a big draw on the batteries. My friend who does a lot of quilting and is brilliant at it pulled out her handy-dandy mini iron.  Here is my favorite quilt of hers.img_3750

So I ordered one of the irons from Amazon. mini iron  $37.00 and it only uses 20 watts.  I can leave it on all afternoon while I quilt. She says it works like a hot damn. (pun intended).

I have learned to steal quilting tips from people who know what they are doing. I have also learned to keep my mouth shut and eat my cake when they are discussing quilt math. Quilting involves a lot of math.. I don’t do math but I do do cake….


8 thoughts on “do do cake

  1. Sure hope your Sami pulls through it. Looks like he will with snuggles and modern medicine.

    We said goodbye to our little Gwenny yesterday. It was all so sudden. She was sweet until the end of her life. So sweet. Modern vet medicine could not fix her liver disease.

    Jakey and the rest of us are in disbelief and sad.

    Tell Sami that we are thinking of how curative snuggles are.



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