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Beautiful day today. Colder that is for sure. Not Calgary cold, but there is a definite chill in the air which wasn’t here last weekend.

It was a momentous day when all of the old house that was coming off, had come off. Many giant burn piles and barge loads of crap later, it was a momentous day when we had all of that debris disposed of. But today, today, the last post was installed!

We ran out of time last spring to get the two last posts milled before the fire ban. So today was the day… Craig milled the two posts plus the wood to secure the new windows from the outside. Up until now they were only held in permanently from the inside. The outside was just temporary. We were waiting for the deck to be built to use scaffolding to reach the windows safely. We couldn’t put scaffolding on the precarious rocks at the cliffs edge.

E can now find some scaffolding from around the island to borrow, then paint the trim black and install it on the windows. No more seeing daylight through the windows edge.

Craig’s next job is to mill us the wood for window sills and interior edging. On winter stormy days E can work on the interior finishing at his own pace, no rush.

We have our whole gang coming for the weekend. Then, it will be a quiet winter routine of one job a day, days. But for today, it was momentous to see the

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