And enjoy ourselves

Renovations tend to evolve.

We weren’t going to replace the original windows of the house, just add the new ones in the addition.

But then we redesigned the kitchen and had to change the window above the sink and then of the course the newly situated bathroom needed a window…

The window in the guest room was made smaller to accommodate a closet but we were able to use two thirds of the original window. We thought… but as we looked at it and sighed over it’s sad filthy condition we hesitated to finalize the exterior wall and replace the shakes around the window cause.. well it looked like shit…

So three weeks ago we gave in and ordered a new window. It arrived Wednesday and E was able to pick it up when he went to town for the generator part. Do you remember last winter when we waited four months for windows? Anyhoo…

Today’s job d’jour for E was to install the new window. It was one of those jobs which went smoothly and only took a couple of hours. The rains started just as he finished.

Our mutual commitment to one job off the list a day, is proceeding well.. the best jobs, like todays, are the ones which go well and we are finished by noon. There are a lot of ugly jobs on the list but at this point we are choosing to ignore them

and enjoy ourselves

8 thoughts on “And enjoy ourselves

  1. I can see clearly now! Our cabin has second hand double pane windows. They don’t all match in size or style, but seem to work together. One window lost it’s seal so we were always looking through a foggy haze. To make it worse it was a front window in our living room. We replaced the pane on that side with a custom piece. Probably it would have been better to replace the two front windows, but hindsight is always better. – Margy


    • We were trying to make do but I just couldn’t stand the look of it! Hahaha…the problem with all these windows is they don’t have a self cleaning option when you choose them!


  2. So great to finish one job. As an islander part time I can certainly appreciate your sense of accomplishment for that task completed. I would love to have more of my tasks completed and take time to visit with others here on the island. The problem is that they are busy with their own tasks. Lol.


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