Your hands dirty

E got the 7 kilowatt Kubota generator working again. It was a dirty job. For the first time since February 2017 we have sunshine, walls, power, water and a roof all functioning at the same time!…… how great is that?

It’s amazing how one adapts to this life.. If willing. You just have to look past the unfinished or broken bits. If you want to visit us and notice the unfinished parts of the house you will exhaust yourself.. We encourage guests instead to imagine how far we have come and expect everything else will get finished one day…

The sun is shining and I am a laundry machine. I am washing six months worth of clothes, sheets, blankets and towels. I had done the last of all the dark loads yesterday. I went to empty the machine this morning and found a load E had done last night when I was out. An entire machine load of jeans, I hadn’t seen them as he had been stashing them somewhere. I don’t want to know….. they were filthy!

The trick to living here is ignoring dirt and a willingness to get

your hands dirty

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