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Living off the Grid on a west coast island

Its always something


We were able to harvest the last of our apples before the rains arrived.

So much rain. Glorious rain. I know I said that I wouldn’t talk about our water again for a while. I lied.

We have accumulated now 1700 gallons of water. 400 from last night alone. I lay in bed listening to the sound of it on my roof last night with visions of bubble baths dancing in my head.

Since the reno began I haven’t really had a chance to clean the house. Between the remnants of drywall dust and ash from the summer wildfires the place is filthy. One of our granddaughter’s favorite pastimes this week was drawing in the dust on the shelves. Next week, with all of my new water supply I am hoping to rectify the situation and give the place a good wash.

Hoping. Because right now we have very little power.

E took apart our generator last week to repair a water issue we had ignored for a year. He ordered a new water pump and when it arrived it seems we needed one more part to install it. It should arrive tomorrow.

We are getting just enough solar power to run the fridge but that is all.

All summer I have had more power than I knew what to do with and not a drop of water. Now that I have water, the power is limited….


Its always something

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

2 thoughts on “Its always something

  1. Yes,yes, and yes. It’s always something but that’s part of the joy of coping with this island life.

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