All have one

I know you are tired of listening to me talk about water but I promise this is the last time for a while.

That sound you are hearing is rain. September seventh and the drought is over. We made it.. Four months with no discernible rain fall and very limited water from our well. A lot of plants died, we grew very few vegetables and our personal hygiene left a lot to be desired but we eaked out a fairly comfortable summer and lived to plant another garden next year.

E went up to the tanks to measure our stores this morning. There are 400 gallons in the storage tank holding the water pumped from the well. So, after what we used we had a net gain of 400 gallons.

The tank holding the water from the rain catchment off our roof is at 375 gallons. That water has been caught off our roof since the June first installation and pumped up to the top of the hill. Summer of drought and we begin the rainy season with 775 gallons in storage.. It’s raining now with more expected next week. I’m confident the worst is behind us.

I won’t mention water again (I hope) until I proudly announce that the tanks (8500 gallons) are full.

There was another barge delivery to the island today so we grabbed the chance to send more garbage off of the island.. Honestly, where does it all come from? Surely that must be it.

The house is all clean and we are ready for the return of our grand daughter next week. We are on babysitting detail again.. woo hoo… Fire season should be winding down now and this should be our sons last deployment so we are grateful for the chance to help out with the chaos that is Mommy’s coming week.

We will even be able to give the baby a bath.. Hell, we can

all have one

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