Tonight looks fake

E has been up at the top of the property installing the new water tanks. There is plenty of room up there but the ground needed to be levelled with a pick axe and raked before the tanks could be installed. There are five tanks up there now. It looks like a tank forest. We changed our wood stove last winter to a stove which has a coil in it. Water will be plumbed to run through the coil to be stored in an adjoining bronze water tank. This eliminates the need for the on demand hot water system in the winter when the stove is lit and will save us a ton of propane.

We had the stove installed last winter but still hadn’t found a bronze tank. Our friend was able to find an old one for us at a scrapyard on the island. For all appearances it looks like a regular water tank. But stripped down, it reveals an old bronze tank. E checked the serial number and the tank was was made in 1950.. The bronze is in excellent shape but we will still run a pressure test before we install it. We will polish it and install it in the living room next to the fireplace before the winter gets going… Honest, it will look good and even better, be of purpose.

I have been canning up a storm. There was so much fruit on our trees, we were left with no choice. It’s a great problem to have.

Yesterday, I made 8 pints of chutney and five half pints of pear jam. The chutney is time consuming because there is a lot of pealing and chopping. It’s a gorgeous recipe with plums, pears apples, raisins, cranberries, raisins, apricots and dates…

I liked the jam so much I made six more jars today. It has a nice spicey flavour with a hint of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.. Tomorrow I am going to can the last ten pounds of pears in quarters for winter desserts.

The sky

tonight looks fake

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