Off The Grid

Living off the Grid on a west coast island

Wears many hats

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Every day on this property challenges a variety of skills.

The temperature has dropped to 21 degrees with sunny skies, no wind.

Perfect conditions for getting things done. We no longer have the excuse of heat fatigue to sit about doing nothing…We accomplish the most in fall and spring.

When our son and his buddy were here last week, they helped E bring two more water tanks over. Essentially illustrating why we had children.

They heaved them up the hill and into place with not so much as a deep breath.

Today, E added electrical outlets to the front deck and installed a water meter in the utility cupboard.

We can now plug our stereo speakers in, out on the deck and also know exactly how much (or little) water we are using, measured as it comes into the house.

I continued with my canning. I have made 8 pints of plums, 8 pints of Mediterranean Chutney, 8 pints of tomato sauce ( only ) and today we made 9 pints of applesauce.

I still have a country chutney to make as well as pear jam and canned pears. Although ready for picking the pears need a week to ripen. I wait patiently.

E helps me with the canning, coming in for the final pressure canner stage.

Plummer, electrician, cook, he wears many hats

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